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Your business relies on your customers and, over the years, you have collected information about them. You’ve got this data stored as a database (if we’re lucky!), spread sheets or an impressive wall of sticky notes. 

However you’ve chosen to store this information doesn’t matter, but understanding its value does. This guest blog by Julie Pitt of Plug The Gap highlights the missed opportunities which are right under our noses...


Making the most of Database Marketing

The information businesses collect on who has brought their product is often overlooked. Not only does it contain vital information on repeat business, it also contains vital information on who purchases versus who doesn’t. Database Management is the science of storing your data in a way that is accessible, accurate and meaningful.  Database Marketing is the art of using.

We’re all familiar with the impressive power of our favourite search engine to deliver to us an advert for a product based on the random collection of words we entered. We searched “Barcelona, hostels” we see adverts for travel guides, travel insurance, sun cream, accommodation and special offers on luggage.  And we like it when the most popular supermarkets send us discount vouchers for products we’ve never seen, but now absolutely definitely have to have.

Don’t think these techniques can’t apply to your small business.  The only thing these organisations do that is different to you is to collect data and store it in a systematic way. Every interaction, every keystroke is stored and when it’s all pulled together it paints a portrait that is unique to your customers.

So – whether you have a database, spread sheet or a wall, the information held is valuable. Don’t lose sight of the potential it offers. Sticking with the ‘same old’, obvious lists and actions is likely to generate the ‘same old’ results.

Take a fresh look at your data and how you’re using it for your business. Contact Julie at Plug The Gap for an informal chat with a friendly expert. Get ready to move up a gear with harvesting your customer list!