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It can be hard to write about yourself... time consuming too. That’s why 62% of businesses save time and awkwardness by outsourcing this task. (Sept 2013)

Copywriting breathes life, personality and impact into your business’ marketing. Our freelance writing blends marketing expertise, writing skills and the psychology of selling: a perfect combination.  

As marketing consultants we’re often asked to craft the perfect words for:


Press releases - 

writing and circulating your news, gaining coverage in print and online


Business social media -

 optimising profiles, writing posts and tweets, managing accounts.


Blog writing -

 injecting your style within posts about your news, insights and trends.


SEO copywriting -

 quality copy on your website will optimise your online presence. Website and profile words need to appeal to readers; instantly.


Marketing materials -

 such as brochures, newsletters, adverts and more, reflecting your business branding.

If you need engaging words for your business marketing – words that will prompt action - let us know. We’ll look the tiniest project, no problem.

When it comes to writing words,
quality is king.

Get your words right and they become connections, customers…sales.


"We value the support from Decisions Marketing for our social media and blog content.
The friendly and professional service allows us to achieve more with our marketing efforts and the flexibility in approach is crucial to achieving our goals." EValu8 Transport Innovations
Copywriting for marketing, press releases, business social media, seo