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Marketing Research

Marketing research offers clarity and complete honesty about your market and how others really see your business. The research results allow confident marketing decisions to be made, blending current knowledge and business instinct. 

Marketing Research: existing customers
It’s brave to ask customers what they really think about your business and what you offer. The honesty resulting from this qualitative research is essential to on-going business success. Feedback will be anonymous to encourage pure honesty… there’s always a surprise in the findings!


Marketing Research: competitor profiling

Most people will ‘shop around’ before choosing who to buy from. Competitor profiling will ensure that your marketing lets you stand out from the crowd. You can prioritise your unique strengths, staying ahead of your competitors.


Market Research: new opportunities

A thorough understanding your current and ideal markets will give you confidence in approaching new customers. Research can confirm exciting opportunities or raise a warning before it’s too late. 

Our market research services offer clarity and utter honesty. Make your next business step with informed confidence. Have a chat with us about the options... research is fascinating!

Marketing research
is fascinating: people are unpredictable and wonderfully unique.

It’s a brave and immensely worthwhile step.


" My customers enjoyed their market research calls - not something one can always associate with this type of work! I have worked with Dawn now for a number of years on marketing collateral, communications and market research. She is always approachable, thoughtful and able to translate ideas into action and can be relied on to work to an agreed timescale.” Flagship Wines
Marketing Research services from Decisions Marketing, Hertfordshire