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Enticing Email Marketing
Despite the increase of social media as a communication tool, emailing remains a personable, flexible and successful marketing activity.

It’s ten times cheaper to gain an order or a piece of work from someone who you already know; yet many business owners concentrate on chasing their next new client, forgetting those who have already invested in their product or skills.

Why send marketing emails?

Staying in touch is vital for referrals, repeat business, cross selling and simply out of courtesy. Emails are the perfect opportunity (not forgetting to blend in personal contact too – underutilised by businesses and appreciated by clients).

The title – then the content – of your email will be essential in determining the success of your activity. Here are some top tips to help your email get noticed..  and opened:   

1.    Plan the email title carefully – the words like ‘save’, ‘offer’, ‘win’ and ‘discount’ will be seen as spam by many filters, (as are capital letters). This will stop your email reaching many inboxes.

2.    Varying the title increases the open rate significantly. Entice people to open your email by tempting them with content clues within the title. ‘Latest News’, ‘Summer Update’ or ‘Newsletter no.21’ simply don’t scream ‘open me’!  

3.    Consider using some keywords within your title and content… researched, of course. If these terms work for your website traffic, they should engage your contacts enough to open and read your email too. (Hopefully gaining valuable website traffic and contact engagement.)

4.    Content – position your best stories and deals/most seasonal/most popular items at the top of the list so that people will see them within their inbox – no need to scroll down. These items will draw people into opening the email.

5.    Timing – the day of the week and time of day are crucial to opening rates. Popular days vary between markets. How about looking at your website statistics and social media engagement to see which days and times seem most popular with your contacts?

One other point: one you’ve started, you need to keep going! Frequency will depend upon your market, content and workload. Whether you follow up monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or occasionally… do follow up.

If you would like to discuss your emailing plans or want a helping hand with putting the words together, please contact us. We can save you time and give you a guide-line for future emails. Let’s start sending!