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Protecting Your Prize Draw
Many of us are keen to include prize draws within our marketing arsenal; they’re great for engagement and word of mouth. 

As we get excited about the prizes, giveaways and ways to shout about our creative promotion, we must spare a thought for the legalities too. 

The beauty of a prize draw is that it’s very close to a cash incentive. Cash is, after all, the best incentive of all. Being able to enter without purchasing is the key condition which will entice people to join in.

Once you’ve decided on the detail, you’re legally obliged to produce terms and conditions, which must be readily available upon a click online or request. 

Here are the key elements of prize draw terms:
1.    How people may enter – specifically, (e.g. completion of form, submission from webpage).
2.    Only one entry into the prize draw per person – unless you’re happy for multiple entries? 
3.    This draw is open to all over the age of 18. 
4.    Prize description – in detail to avoid misunderstanding/confusion.
5.    The prize is as described and no cash alternative will be offered. 
6.    When the draw closes – date and time.
7.    How the winner will be chosen – plus when and how they’ll be notified.
8.    In the event that that the selected winner does not respond to the request for acceptance of the prize within XX days, you can reserve the right to select a new winner. 
9.    The name and location of the winner will be available on request from… 
10.    The name and location (not address details) will be used for promotional purposes
11.    The prize of XX is not dependent upon any purchase
12.    The prize of XX  must be redeemed by [date]
13.    The prize of XX is/is not transferrable – it’s up to you! 
14.    Where a copy of the terms and conditions will be available, plus until when.
15.    Who you, the promoter are – name and address plus contact details.

The chances are, you won’t be asked for these details. However… having comprehensive conditions in place for your prize draw is a legal requirement… and encourages essential thinking around the detail of your promotion.

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