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Time Saving Twitter Tips
Twitter has gained huge popularity, but what are the best ways to get it working for your business?

Here are our top five suggestions to keep your time and your tweets in check:

1. Be relevant – people don’t want to hear weather updates or their horoscope from your tweets. Make your content interesting and relevant; simply the best way to gain followers, website visits and who knows… sales. (Our web designer colleague gains regular work from Twitter.)

2. Volume – research shared by the Chartered Institute of Marketing shows that more than three tweets a day could easily disengage your followers. Go for the ‘little and often’ approach

3. Re-tweets – research shows that asking for ‘please retweet’ rather than ‘RT’ gets a better response from Twitter-users. (51% compared to 39%, HubSpot) Please don’t lose manners by cutting 140 character corners.

4. Timing – whilst Hootsuite will tell you that 12pm – 3pm is the best time to send a tweets, when will your market have a chance to see them? At Decisions Marketing, we’re big research fans. But – data must be interpreted with your own target customers in mind before you make changes to what you’re doing.    

5. Following – the same with any social media, before sharing content and following Twitter users, check to see if their content is relevant to you or your followers. If not, don’t do it.Hopefully, the above tips will help save some Twitter time for you.

One last thought – if time is tight, consider working with someone to create your content for you; to give it that perfect blend of interesting, relevant and personable… with a subtle sales edge too. We can help – why not arrange a free discussion?

Lastly, if any of you are not already using planning tools to help your Twitter feed, why not?! Free tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are saviours of time and sanity. For regular marketing tips such as these, please connect with us on Twitter. See you there!