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The Essentials of Email
With the increasing domination of social media, many people wonder whether the old fashioned email is dead.

No! There is definitely a place for well-targeted, professionally presented emails. Just like print, people are returning to this form of communication, fed up with the barrage of sheer ‘noise’ from social media.

There are a myriad of options out there – from the simple to the sophisticated. We usually recommend a system based upon the time and comfort within each business. The good news is that there will be something that suits you perfectly.

Here are our top five tip tips if you're embarking on emailing:

1.    Take A Step Back – before you start emailing, take some time to think about why you’re using this tool. What are you expecting to achieve?  How will you measure success – website visits, social media connections, emails, calls?

2.    The System Itself – how straight forward it is to use? If it’s unnatural and clunky, you’re less likely to make the most of it. Check it has a free trail too – some are free forever, as long as you meet certain criteria such as list size.  

3.    Design – most options offer a range of pre-set templates which help emails look professionally presented. How good are the ‘free’ options? What flexibility do you have? Your template must offer the corporate style and consistency that your brand needs. Changing colours and fonts for each email happens all too often, devaluing brands.

4.     Content – think about your recipients. What are they interested in? How will you grab their attention and encouraging them to read on, of click through? Concentrate upon benefits to your customers, teasing through your wording so that they want more details. A link to your blog is ideal, keeping your newsletter inviting to read and inviting people to your website. 

5.    Did It Work? How will you know? Most email software options will give an analysis of your email campaign. The depth will depend upon the package you’ve signed up for; the freebies still offer good insight though. Plus – check the visitor numbers and landing page traffic in your Google Analytics. This will show whether your email links have enticed readers to your website.

The legal bits…
It’s never ok to ‘cold email’ a personal email address; business addresses ones are ok. In all cases, you should explain how/why the email has arrived with the individual and data must be kept securely. Everyone must be given an ‘opt out’ option, which it is vital to respect.

Last thought…
Results from a first ‘cold’ email are rarely great. Allow momentum to build with a series of three or four regular emails. Just like your print adverts or direct mailing, repetitive exposure works a treat!

If you would like to know how these tips can work for you, please contact us. At Decisions Marketing, we love email... and it's also good to talk!