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Direct Mail. Is It Back?
Five to ten years ago, direct mail was the channel by which businesses communicated.
Then came email, hitting prospects directly, straight into their in-box.
When the recession hit, businesses naturally started cutting costs on things like print and more traditional marketing methods. As a result, “old fashioned” direct mail volumes slowed, as marketers plumped for cheaper and trendier digital marketing methods to deliver their messages.
Today however, traditional marketing is back in the running, albeit as a more savvy option. Businesses are using it “as well as”, rather than “instead of” newer digital methods.
Research suggests that campaign ROI increases by up to 62% if a combination of mail and digital is used. (b2bmarketing).The key is to successfully integrate the traditional and the new channels available, to get maximum impact and good returns.
There are now 1.5 million more people responding to advertising than a year ago, with direct mail the most effective medium. And it’s the youth market (15 – 24) that are by far the most receptive - the same market that is far more likely to do further online research.
It seems mail is still able to create a reaction to any integrated campaign, proving direct mail still has value (marketingandmore).
Businesses are able to reach their target market with communications that hold both physical and tangible qualities that digital methods simply can not do.
The digital boom has given traditional marketing a make over - revamped and reformed it.
Is it any wonder that direct mail response rates are increasing?

Ultimately, your marketing communications should include both online and traditional marketing tools. Perhaps direct mail should be included?

Let's find out!