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Lazy Logo or Branding Brilliance?
Your branding is the personality of your business; your ambassador. It must be epitomised by your logo.

The tone, style, colour… they all create a perception is someone’s mind. With today’s technological communication, you won’t always be there to reinforce the impression that you want your logo – and your brand - to create. Plus – it will need refreshing from time to time.

Yahoo is currently reviewing its logo – for the first time in 18 years. At Decisions Marketing, we have a shiny new look in time for our 20th birthday in April 2014. Having just been through this process, we hope it’s helpful to share some fascinating facts which helped us along our journey.

There are three key areas to think about if you’re creating or refreshing your logo:

Colour – 95% business logos use only one or two colours. But which colour to choose? Many have both positive and negative associations, with red as the classic example (attention grabbing energy or aggressive?). However – it’s the second most popular colour for logos. The most trusted colour? Blue. It suggests strength, trust and dependability and is universally popular. Phew, we say!

Font – the style of your typeface creates an impression. We like Arial and Callibri as they suggest ‘fresh, established, contemporary’. We sprinkle in a little Georgia too, for dependable and trustworthy associations – in line with our company values.

Image – does your image choice complement your business activity or style? Choose carefully. Some people move away from using images at all (41%); think of Kellogg’s or Coke. Others prefer not to use the business name (9%); such as Apple or Starbucks.

So – food for thought! If you would like to chat about this fascinating subject or find out more about colour associations, please contact us. We can also help with branding and your first meeting is free.