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Winning Marketing Communications
Regardless of what you offer and who your target customers are, everyone needs to get the basics right. There are three raw ingredients which any successful marketing communications activity must consider:

Who is your target audience?

Knowing the people you are communicating with – usually your target/existing clients – simply must shape your marketing. It’s their views that count. For example:
  • What do they really want from you, (their motivation to buy)?
  • Where would they look to find you? (Clients don’t always act in the same way as you!)
  • Which search terms would they use if looking online?
  • Who are their peer groups? (Referrals are very powerful in any market.)

What terminology do they use?

Listening – really listening – to your clients by surveying their opinions about you is both brave and essential. There will be a surprise that you didn’t think of… it’ll shape your marketing decisions.

What is your marketing message?

Talk about how your product/service benefits your clients, rather than detailed descriptions of what you do. Remember the saying ‘buyers want benefits’. It’s so true. Keep your content simple and relevant. You have little time to capture and keep people’s attention, so focus on:   
  • What are you offering? It seems so simple, yet many business owners base their marketing on what they know, how they describe their product/service. This is often very different to how their audience would describe the real benefit that they’re looking for.
  • Competitive edge. What makes your business stand out from the crowd? How are you different - and better - than your competitors? Give people a reason to choose you!

These three points, designed through the eyes of your target clients will give you the foundation of successful marketing communications.

Whether you’re promoting online, writing a brochure or designing a newsletter – they all need this focus.

Invest some time in getting the basics right; you’ll enjoy the results.

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