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Keep Your Marketing Resolutions
We’ve all done it… especially at this time of year. We make resolutions, keep them for a while, then lapse back into our old habits. 

Why do we make resolutions? It is usually because we want to achieve change; positive change.  This applies to business as well as our personal lives. 

A typical example is when business owners promise themselves that they will be proactive about marketing. Then, instead of focusing on the extra customers they will achieve, they focus on what they are giving up so. Normally ‘day to day’ demands of the business eat into the time that business owners were intending to use for marketing. So, they fail to keep their marketing promise.

So many successful owners seem almost proud that they have never needed to market their business. But – referrals and repeat business often dwindle. Plus – surely you should be choosing the type of business you want, rather than accepting what comes your way? So what can we do?
George Dunmow from The Coach House Herts suggests: “Instead of thinking about resolutions, think about solutions. Think about how you will look, feel and sound when you have found the solution. Instead of thinking about what you may be giving up, think about what you will gain.”

Remember, you can start work on a new solution at any time. Don’t wait for New Year! George adds: “The power of personal change is just too good to be limited to the first few days of the year and it really is possible to keep every resolution without fail”.

Contact George to see how he can help you set goals – and achieve them for business success. 

Decisions Marketing can help too. Chat to us about:
•    Focussing your time by having a marketing structure to work to
•    Taking the pressure off by outsourcing your copywriting for ongoing blogs and social media

Let’s make some time for marketing.