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Web Pages that Generate Leads
Generally, your digital marketing tools will be designed to drive traffic to website pages. ​Each initial landing page should be relevant to your marketing content within other activities.

With most websites offering a content management system, you can easily 
tailor copy and optimisation to amplify your marketing message.  

All landing pages should contain key components to help generate leads from digital marketing campaigns. The points below describe recommended components. 

1.    This includes reinforcing a definite, core marketing message.

2.    To reassure the visitor, the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question should be clearly answered with offers, USP and endorsements. 

3.    If sales are offline so the ‘call to action’ should lead visitors to service information (e.g. first marketing meeting free), clear navigation and minimal clicks

4.    To progress the sales process, the webpage must encourage engagement with directional copy and clickable buttons.

5.    Social media connection and sharing encourages future engagement and lead generation.

6.    Action is encouraged via ‘call to action’ words (e.g. signup, download) with short, direct messages or persuasive copy directly above the ‘call to action’ words or button. Copywriting should incorporate key words and phrases, with clear engaging headlines (H1, H2).

7.    Clearly visible contact information should be on every page, (variety of methods).

Essential for Decisions Marketing is a ‘sign up’ button, gaining ‘opt in’ information for future communication. ‘Terms and privacy’ statements offer reassurance and engagement about providing details.  These are ideal for engagement and lead generation.

Is your website working for you? We offer a website review which assesses the design, wording, optimisation and conversion potential of your current site. Ask us for more details… we’re here to help.