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Top Tips to Win Public Sector Contracts
Public sector contracts are appealing for their size, security and credibility.

This market plays by different rules.  

To enjoy these benefits, there are many hoops to jump through.  


What's involved with winning public sector contracts?

Check out our top tips:

1.    Do your research:
  • Contact the relevant sector to find out how they advertise their contracts
  • Check press and trade titles (printed and websites) for opportunities
  • Search the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for contracts valued at more than £100,000
  • Contact specific local authorities and/or organisations to find out how you can  join their preferred supplier list
  • Take a look at the relevant authority/sector website for valuable information (contacts, opportunities, events) 
  • Use the UK government’s Contract Finder to discover contracts for more than £10,000

2.    Be prepared for the paperwork!
Applying for public sector contacts is often more involved than with private sector. 

Take a thorough look at the information needed, making sure your submission addresses all the requirements. 

Price is always a key factor, especially with public sector contracts. Your goal is to offer best value for money, blending price and quality.

Public sector priorities may differ from other clients you work with. Focus on: value, proven ability, reliability, accreditations. 

3.    Think ahead
Certain information, such as your business’ background and accreditations, insurance details and environmental policy will be standard requirements across most contracts. Prepare these sections in advance, developing a resource of key details which will save you time when that next opportunity appears.   

4.    Deliver
Always meet the deadlines involved with the tendering process.
Be realistic about what you are able to deliver and at what cost. Once you win a contact, you’ll be expected to ‘walk the talk’ straight away.

5.    Ask for Feedback
If you’re unsuccessful, ask for feedback. Actually, ask for it anyway! It’s important to know what you did right and how you can improve; increasing your chances next time. Public sector organisations are obliged to provide details to you.

Want to know more? 
The government offers information and helplines for businesses interested in applying for public sector contracts. Take a look – and good luck!

Remember - contact us to discuss any of these tips. Decisions Marketing works with District and Borough Councils as well as universities. We know about jumping through procurement hoops!